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Amazing Programmes!

Join us for 5 days of game development related programmes ranging from conference, workshops, exhibition, game awards, business connection, networking night & so much more!

Notable Speakers

Over 60 key players from the games industry will be sharing their valuable experiences at LEVEL UP KL!

A Regional Hub

With more than 800 conference attendees and over 250 business meetings taking place in 2017, the who’s who from the industry will all be at LEVEL UP KL 2018! Recruit talent, make connections and form business partnerships today!



Two full-days of conferences featuring top industry players from around the world, covering 5 conference tracks & both business and technical facets of various games development platform such as mobile, PC and console.  Sharpen your industry knowledge, explore new business models and get updates on the latest game development trends!


Come discover the hottest companies from Southeast Asia including an Indies Showcase and the best of Southeast Asia Awards showcase!

Join our exhibition and showcase your products and services to 800+ game professionals.


Secure meetings before LEVEL UP KL even starts with our official Business Connection Programme!

Connect with the industry’s key players, decision makers, publishers and game developers from around the world and broaden your business base today!


LEVEL UP KL’s most popular event! Come meet new friends, mingle with the industry’s best, enjoy good food and awesome music during our Networking night!


Join our in-depth, hands on workshops led by some of the most innovative, inspiring and creative leaders in their industry.


To recognize and celebrate the creativity, artistry and technical genius of the finest developers and games from the Southeast Asia region, LEVEL UP KL will host the Southeast Asia (SEA) Game Awards for the 2nd year in running!


A 36-hour game jam organized by LEVEL UP KL where game developers from all over the South East Asia region will be working together to create games in a collaborative environment based on a theme!


We can’t wait to see you!


Chris Murphy


Guy Charusadhirakul

Business Development, Apps & Games, SEA

Wan Hazmer

Founder, CEO and Game Director

WeiGing Ngang

Dev. Community Lead, APAC

Michael Mumbauer

Senior Director, Visual Arts





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Chris Murphy

Chris Murphy is an Evangelist for Epic Games and founder of Pub Games, an independent Australian game developer, with game development credits across PC, Vive, Oculus, PS4, iOS and Android. Chris has over 10 years of experience with Unreal Engine, a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Bachelor of Multimedia, culminating in a broad skillset across a range of game development disciplines.

Chris’ role as Evangelist for Epic Games is to help independent game developers build successful games with Unreal Engine 4 through support, training and education.



Guy Charusadhirakul

Guy manages business development for Google Play Games & Apps in Southeast Asia and works with developers in the region to help them build successful global business. Prior to Google, he has worked extensively with leading developers and partners at leading tech companies in Asia Pacific at Samsung, TripAdvisor and eBay.



Wan Hazmer

As a lead game designer for one of the world’s biggest video game developers, Wan Hazmer’s day-to-day job at Square Enix involves the imagining of fantastic worlds. Hazmer headed the “Culture” team, which is assigned to create and design cities for the award winning game Final Fantasy XV. Even more impressively, over 6.5 million units were shipped globally since launch day.

While others just play it, he oversees what goes into Final Fantasy XV’s large world. Simultaneously, he does his best to incorporate his proud Malaysian culture into the game. For instance, Lestallum is a town inspired by Malaysia’s Mamak stall culture, with appearances of staple breakfasts such as roti canai, satay and teh tarik. Wan Hazmer’s passion for video games is an innate quality, having been very critical about game design since very young. In 2008, he left his native city of Kuala Lumpur for Tokyo to learn Japanese.

He could write a ten-page proposal in Japanese by 2010, and thus used it as his stepping stone to get to where he is today. Now he challenges his game design with new VR technology for the upcoming title, Monster of the Deep: FINAL FANTASY XV. He remains to be a proud member of Business Division 2, a team led by Hajime Tabata that continues to pursue leading-edge concepts and technology.



WeiGing Ngang

WeiGing is a Dev. Community Manager of HTC Vive in APAC. He is responsible for VR Ecosystem enablement for Asia Pacific, developer and partnership management as well as exploring potential business opportunity. Prior to joining VR team, he has rich experience in big data analysis and software architecture review for mobile devices.



Michael Mumbauer

A twenty-year veteran of both film and video games, Michael Mumbauer has been on the forefront of narrative-based interactive entertainment. Michael has been a trusted partner for creators like Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, Amy Hennig, Hideo Kojima and Neil Druckmann. During his tenure at Sony, Michael specialized in realistic digital characters, performance capture and digital cinematography, delivering some of the most memorable cinematic experiences in video games: "The Last of Us", "Uncharted 4", "God of War", "Death Stranding", "Beowulf", "Monster House" and "The Polar Express". Michael is in a unique position to influence the emerging trans-media revolution, blurring the line between interactive and non-interactive entertainment.